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Woman Gets $45 Million Lawsuit for Facebook Group Exposé In Bid To Recover Debt

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In a surprising advancement, Ms. Loice Siziba of Canaan Village under Principal Gobo, Silobela is dealing with a $45 million lawsuit over a public blog post she posted in a Facebook team to reveal a couple that she claimed duped her of hard-earned money and also were refusing to resolve their financial obligation.

The couple, Mr Offered Mapukute and his wife Ruramai Nhakuzah came close to the High Court claiming to have had their track record damaged as well as lost service because of Siziba’s statement.

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In their High Court application, the couple affirms Siziba sent out an offensive text message to the couple in an attempt to endanger them to repay her cash varying in between US$ 3 000– US$ 4 000.


The text message checks out:.

Greetings, I’m finished with your rubbish I’m mosting likely to sort you individuals out not nzira yelaw (not the lawful means) cousin you appear to be stubborn. I’m going to take place as well as pay greatest sangoma (witch-doctor) like Baba Banda you entire household will endure. Please conserve this message you will come for assistance (sic) it will be too late.

The couple affirms Siziba had the statement shared, reposted, and also published in the infamous Facebook Team, called “Verified 11 Revealing Zim Shurugwis throughout the globe”.


The couple is demanding $45 million from Siziba for her embarrassing and scandalous conduct and that she be urged to pull back the vilifying statement from Facebook within 48hours of the court order being granted.


According to the summons, the couple is asking the court to approve them damages for libel in the amount of $5million, the real loss of company in the sum of $25 million, as well as loss of future company $15 million-plus expenses of match.


It is said that Siziba’s defamatory declaration published on the general public system specified that she entered into an organisation endeavor with Nhakuzah, yet the couple fooled her of her cash in the amount of US$ 3 000 to US$ 4 000 and that they had victimized her by lodging a cops record against her, yet they are the debtors that owe her cash.


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