Marriage court case

Desire for marital relationship pass away in court.

A two-year romance between a pensioner and also a 49-year-old female was suggested to end in marital relationship.

Rather, it ended up before Molepolole Customary Court previously this year after Esther

Gobe became questionable that her 71-year-old partner was ripping off on her.

Angry, she unloaded him as well as cautioned the old man never ever to see her once again.

Consequently, declaring to have spent a tiny ton of money on Gobe during their partnership, Thona Koloka then dragged his previous fan to court, requiring she divided her residential properties with him.

The instance was originally brought before Kgosi Patricia Sechele on 31st March but was delayed because of the national lockdown that adhered to right after.

The matter finally returned to on 28th July with judgment passed last week.

It was heard that the one-time lovebirds had actually been planning to get married. Nevertheless, dreams of a wedding turned to dust when Gobe persuaded herself that Koloka was betraying.

The scorned Chadibe ward native claimed she started to presume her aging lothario was two-timing her when he declared to be participating in the funeral service of one Mixed martial arts Patrick.

” I spend the majority of the moment at the lands. That day, when I called Koloka to educate him that I have actually gotten here from the lands, he told me he was still at the funeral. I was shocked since he had actually already been there for quite some time. I asked him if Mma Patrick was the one he had actually told me was his sis and he went down the phone. He had actually only told me regarding his children,” claimed Gobe, adding she suspects that’ Mma Patrick’ could have been her boyfriend’s enthusiast or his other half also.

For his part, Koloka told the fully jam-packed court that he spoilt Gobe throughout their time with each other and in some cases offered her money in the presence of her papa.

” She did not battle for anything. I was getting her food, giving her cash and also developed a residence at the lands and helped her to construct another house at Lekgwapheng. I likewise bought some goats for her, which she later on asserted belonged to her child. I acquired her a bed as well as constantly spent for her motshelo contributions,” stated the irritated older.

” Ke simololotse go ratana le wena o sena le fa ele sepe, o sena bolao le fa e le koko, (When I entered into a connection with you, you had nothing, not even a bed or a chicken!)” continued Koloka, directing his statement at a startled Gobe, much to the amusement of the gallery.

Although Koloka provided a receipt that he asserted confirmed he undoubtedly aided his ex-girlfriend in acquiring structure products, Gobe maintained she never ever received such products.

She likewise denied ever being offered cash by Koloka, asserting he informed her he can not do such as it would disturb his children.

Gobe better informed court that Koloka had actually guaranteed to aid her with constructing a home only to backtrack on his assurance.

Suggesting of a rough partnership, Gobe complained she had actually never ever been presented to any one of Koloka’s relatives.

” I once elevated the issue with him as well as asked him what should take place if he were to die at my place, who would certainly I report to? However he simply heckled me and charged me of constantly thinking of fatality!” claimed Gobe.

In the long run, Kgosi Sechele ruled that the story at Lekgwapheng be auctioned and also the duo share the proceeds.

For both Gobe as well as Koloka, it is a light reward compared to the happy finishing they when desired for!

” When I entered into a relationship with you, you had nothing, not also a bed or a poultry!” 71-year-old complainant



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