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Eldorado Park police detective detained in connection with Nathaniel Julies murder

Nathaniel Julies murder

Johannesburg – The Independent Cops Investigative Directorate has actually apprehended a 3rd policeman in connection with the death of 16-year-old Nathaniel Julies.

IPID spokesperson Ndileka Soda stated the 3rd law enforcement officer was jailed on Tuesday mid-day as well as has been charged with defeating completions of justice as well as remaining in belongings of prohibited ammo.
The third cops suspect is a detective from the Eldorado Park Police Station, she claimed. He has actually not been charged with murder.

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“He is readied to show up prior to the Protea Magistrates Court on Thursday the 3 September 2020,” claimed Soda.

Soda pop claimed the IPID is still exploring the issue even more, ahead of the police officer’s appearance in court on Thursday.

On the other hand, on Monday early morning, two officers – Sergeant Simon Ndyalvane as well as Constable Caylene Whiteboy – appeared before court room 10 of the Protea Magistrate’s Court.

Ndyalvane as well as Whiteboy have actually been remanded captive till September 10 as well as they encounter charges of murder, discharging of a gun in a public area, remaining in ownership of prohibited ammo as well as beating completions of justice.

They showed off masks due to Covid-19 policies and also hoodies, with their faces substantially hid to the media cams.

Both police officers have been remanded in custody until their bail application on September 10 after among the officers reached court room 10 without legal representation.

Nathaniel’s murder triggered mad demonstrations in the Eldorado Park neighborhood, with calls for the management of the local police station to be eliminated.

Also on Monday, the National Prosecuting Authority claimed previously on Monday that it will oppose bail.

Speaking outdoors court on Monday, NPA representative Phindi Mjonondwane stated the police officers encountered an Arrange 6 offence.

Consequently, she said, they would certainly be opposing bond when they make their 2nd appearance on September 10.

“The issue has actually been delayed and as the other charged has been provided a chance to safeguard lawful representation.

“They will certainly continue to be captive up until their appearance and we will certainly oppose bond,” she stated.

Mjonondwane additionally stated it was alleged that the policemans remained in belongings of ammo that was no longer permitted. She claimed the ammunition was prohibited after the murder of Andries Tatane.

Tatane was fired and also killed apparently by the police, throughout a demonstration for water in Ficksburg, Free State in 2011.

Nathaniel Julies was shot and also eliminated last Wednesday evening in Eldorado Park.

While there were claims he was shot by chance, citizens assert it was a deliberate capturing of a young kid with Down Syndrome.


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