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Female Passes Away Throughout River Baptism After Being taken By Mermaids

Woman taken by mermaids

In an awful turn of events, a 26 years of age Seke woman drowned in Manyame River during a cleaning ceremony.

Individuals who were with her believed that she had actually been grabbed by a mermaid therefore they really did not try to rescue her.
Rutendo Nhemachena is believed to have actually been had by a mermaid spirit before she turned terrible as well as jumped into the river where the leading prophet, Isaac Manyemba, 50, was cleansing men and women with his assistant just recognized as Mai Manyika or Madzimai Jennifer.

Manyemba as well as Manyika were apparently overpowered by Nhemachena who dove to her death.

Manyemba verified the tragic event stating Nhemachena overpowered him as well as appeared like she was possessed by a mermaid spirit.

” Both convinced me as well as I led them to the river where we addressed a number of men and women when Nhemachena all of a sudden entered the river possessed.

” She pressed all of us and also we stopped working to handle her prior to she immersed me as well as went away into the water.

He claimed they believed she was abducted by a mermaid and also they determined to wait for 3pm however she failed to appear

“We were comforted by one woman that asserted that her youngster was as soon as taken by a mermaid when he was seven years of ages and also returned from water at the age of 14.

An additional individual told them that her kid had been gotten hold of by a mermaid as well and returned after one week.

“Pakataurwa zvakawanda nezve vanhu vainzi vakatorwa nenjuzu vakazodzoka uye iye mufi uyu hanzi akambopinda akazobuda after 3 hrs.

Manyemba after that educated the Mayambara village head why encouraged him to take the problem to Chitungwiza police station.

Nhemachena family speaker Perseverance Gwebede rejected recommendations that the deceased was abducted by a mermaid.

She claimed the deceased was going to be hidden in Chihota after a post mortem.

“We are expecting the law to take its program in addition to get a description from the traditional healer or Madzibaba and also Madzimai that were performing the cleaning event.

Manyemba is claimed to have stopped working to offer the family members a description and also has been inaccessible considering that.

He claimed they were not aware of a tale linking the deceased to a mermaid spirit.

Manyemba works under the banner of Johanne Masowe yeNguwotsvuku.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi verified the incident and claimed the police are still investigating the scenarios causing the drowning.



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