Duma Boko threatens UDC Members

Botswana National Front (BNF) President, Duma Boko has advised his party members to work hard and behave well as he is monitoring them for future positions.

Boko, who was officially opening the party’s South Central Regional Conference in Oodi earlier today (29 July), stressed that ‘when’ the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) win power there will be a number of posts which need filling.

“The people who will be given priority are those working hard for the party,” stressed the opposition leader.

“We will even go to social media to check what you post because discipline is something that we want in the party. So I do advise you to be at your best manners everywhere you go.”

He urged opposition members to dream big and not to focus solely on council and parliamentary positions as there were ‘better’ posts available.

Boko further told his followers not to worry about his on-going court case in which he faces being struck off the voters’ role.

He maintained that having registered for the elections outside his primary residence in Tlokweng was ‘a small matter’, which should cause any panic.

“Ga ke tshoswe ke diagente tsa bannabagolo.”

Meanwhile, Boko noted that since the conference is part of the preparations for the BNF and UDC July conferences, the region should come up with motions and resolutions.

He told them the UDC leaders would find a way to fund the event.

“You won’t be contributing anything,” Boko promised, adding that as far as the dress code goes, members will wear UDC colours for the official opening and closing ceremonies only.

“Each party, BNF, BCP and BPP will hold their separate conferences at the same venue, BaIsago University and that is when each party can wear it

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