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Wife’s boyfriend bullies husband


DRIVEN out of his matrimonial home by his wife’s lover, a 37-year-old Maun man has endured the added humiliation of being beaten up and then sued by his ‘replacement’.

As if that’s not enough, Gobolokang Monare has since seen his wife, Omogolo Monare, 33, give birth to the other man’s child.

The love triangle has also proved hazardous to Gobolokang’s car, with his rival, one. Godfrey Kgosiemang,  allegedly smashing the vehicle’s windows in a fit of jealous rage.

The scorned husband’s bad luck continued when he was dragged before Maun Magistrate’s Court accused of ‘confiscating’ Kgosiemang’s clothes and documents.

That the alleged theft took place in what was once his matrimonial bedroom rubbed an extra layer of salt into Gobolokang’s wounds – as did the fact his wife testified on her boyfriend’s behalf.

However, for the first time in a long while, the heartbroken man was given cause to smile when the court dismissed the case this week.

It was ruled there was not enough evidence to prove Gobolokang had stolen anything.

The alleged confiscated clothes included: pants, socks, vests and other formal wear, while the documents were photocopies.

Evidence brought before the court was that due to Kgosie- mang’s ‘intrusion’ into the marriage, Gobolokang left their rented house in Maun’s Chobe location to live elsewhere.

Then, around April this year, the married couple reportedly attempted to reconcile after Omogolo became skeptical about the trustworthiness and intentions of her new lover’.

As part of his efforts to rebuild his broken marriage, Gobolokang, who works in the Okavango Delta, paid a visit to his wife in July.

It was during this visit that Omogolo arrived home with Kgosiemang and a fight ensued between the two men.

The husband is said to have been overpowered by the muscular boyfriend, before fleeing to report the matter to the police.

In turn, he was counter accused of making away with property belonging to Kgosiemang, who then launched a civil lawsuit at the Magistrate’s Court.

During the legal proceedings, the defendant’s Attorney, Phetsolo Nare, had described Kgosiemang as ‘generally despiteful of other people’ and ‘highly litigious in nature’.

“If life does not present an opportunity for him to dramatise a scene in court, he creates

an opportunity for such dramatisation, either for personal pleasure or to impress the public gallery or a loved one,” added the Attorney.

Although the matter was dismissed, the duelling duo is likely to find themselves before the court again soon, this time with Kgosiemang assuming the role of the suspect.

He is accused of smashing the windows of Monare’s car in a jealous rage after finding it parked at Omogolo’s yard.

Allegedly, the love between the two is on the rocks and, at the time of the incident, Omogolo was using her husband’s car as he had left it in her care when he returned to the Delta.

The damaged car is currently parked at Maun police station.

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