“For a part of my childhood, I’ve known the pain of being doubted. It is for this reason that I respect, cherish and seek to build up those I work with. I know you all need support and encouragement, we all do.

My Vice President has also endured the same, with a lot of things being said. But what a man he is! In typical Tsogwane fashion, he has stayed calm and focused on our mandate. Not on a single occasion has he wavered or shown the strain. It’s never about what is in it for him.

His passion for the countryside and the transformation of rural areas especially warms my heart. Each day he speaks of the need to build a more inclusive country. A country in which no one is left behind.

This is one of the most important qualities we have built in the team I lead. It’s a team focused on delivering transformation for you, for your sake. I am deeply proud to have Vice President Tsogwane by my side as we rebirth our party and country.”


Source: The Botswana Gazette

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