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WATCH: As Man Is Caught Redhanded With Boss’ Wife


There was chaos and riot lately after an unfaithful male was caught red-handed in between the sheets with his boss’ other half.

At the time of posting, it was not yet clear how the adulterous twosome was captured. However, the men who uncovered the couple’s roguishness were less than thrilled by the conduct of both. The team of males was so incensed by the betrayal that they continued to mete out instant justice on the randy man. The female, on the other hand, was fleet-footed and also managed to run away from the scene leaving her ‘partner-in-crime’ to deal with the effects on his very own.

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As has come to be the trend of late, the men taped themselves attacking the cheating male. Throughout the attack, several of the men can be listened to remonstrating with the cheater for abusing the count on that his pal and employer had for him. The majority of were not entertained that of all the women, he could have picked to have his roguishness with, he chose his employer’ better half.

You can watch the video below, however, please note that the video has strong language which may not be acceptable in a public, formal or controlled environment.

After publishing the article, we learned that one of the people in the video, assaulting the philandering man, once had an adulterous relationship with the same woman. The man in the orange shirt, is said to be the one who cottoned on to the adulterous affair between the two and blew the whistle.

Ironically, the husband of the cheating wife is reported to want his wife back despite the affair.


As usual, social media had a lot to say about the incident of the cheating man being caught redhanded with his boss’ wife.



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