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Zondo closes in on KZN politicians


Zondo closes in on KZN politicians

● internet is closing on Jacob Zuma’s current and former allies, and their business associates. The Zondo commission wants to ascertain their bank statements.

The Sunday Times understands that the commission has approached banks, posing for statements belonging to former eThekwini mayor Zandile Gumede, former ANC KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) secretary Super Zuma, KZN premier Sihle Zikalala and former KZN MEC Mthandeni Dlungwane.

The individuals were among Zuma’s strongest backers during his tenure as president and took part in his campaigns to retain power. Some have since fallen out with him.

The Sunday Times reported last week that the state capture commission was scrutinising bank records belonging to Zuma, his daughters and his foundation.

This prompted the previous president to issue an angry statement on Friday, labelling the move a “declaration of war”. within the statement, he also threatened to retaliate.

The Sunday Times can reveal today that investigators working for the commission have cast internet wider.

They are nowon the heels of Zuma’s political allies and businesses that are linked to those allies.

Zikalala and Super Zuma said they weren’t conscious of the investigation.

Gumede said the commission had not contacted her.

“Since i’m not conscious of any ongoing investigation on me around Zondo commission, i’m unable to share any details. the very fact is all my bank accounts are frozen and under scrutiny of the NPA/Hawks so I even have no access to them,” she said.

She declined to discuss whether she, or her foundation, had received money from companies and other people who had done business with the town while she was mayor.

“I cannot discuss a person or company at this stage. This matter is that the subject of NPA/Hawks and therefore the court,” she said.

Dlungwane didn’t answer questions sent to him.

Companies that have conducted business with the eThekwini municipality also are on the commission’s radar. These include highflying Durban businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize’s Zikhulise Group, Roy Moodley’s Royal Security, and Hlenga Sibisi’s Ilanga Lamahlase.

Ilanga Lamahlase, which was formed in 2015 when Gumede came into office, was given contracts worth millions to gather refuse and clean streets.

Sibisi said he wasn’t aware that the commission wanted to look at his bank accounts.

“I don’t know of any reason why the commission would check out my finances,” Sibisi said.

Royal Security has provided security for the town since 2004. Moodley is claimed to be one among Zuma’s benefactors.

He said it had been illegal for the commission to hunt his financial transactions. “I haven’t made any underhanded or illegal payments, donations, etcetera, to the previous president, the inspiration or the other politically exposed person,” he said.

Mkhize said the commission had not contacted her. Asked why she thought the Zondo commission would want to look at her company’s finances, Mkhize said: “I don’t know of any reason why … I mean I’ve given the planet a glimpse of my life. From that some people have chosen to celebrate me whilst otherswant to ascertain me fall. I can’t control other people’s motives.”

She said her company had never donated money to Gumede or to her foundation.

“Not in the least , unfortunately. That hunt was wrong.”

The Sunday Times understands that the commission has not made any conclusions regarding all the records it’s been given by the banks. The investigators are still examining the records, comparing them with allegations that are brought before the commission by whistleblowers.

The commission also wants to look at the bank accounts of former ANC Youth League president Collen Maine, and ex-convicts Kenny Kunene and Gayton McKenzie. it’s alleged that Maine bought a R5m Pretoria home with the assistance of the Guptas.

The commission’s requests relate to transactions that happened between January 1 2010 and today, including foreign-exchange transactions

The commission also wants to ascertain the outcomes of any investigations that were conducted by the banks on any personal and business accounts that were flagged and reported to the Financial Intelligence Centre. Kunene may be a known supporter of Zuma. Kunene said he wasn’t ashamed of his association with Zuma and declared himself “unapologetically president Jacob Zuma’s child”.

“The Zondo commission is an embarrassing circus to all or any who have eyes to ascertain ,” said Kunene.

“I haven’t been implicated in any wrongdoing, nor have I been served with a notice thereto effect. it’s outrageous that neither the commission nor the banks have contacted me concerning an investigation into my financial statements and people of companies I own.”

McKenzie said he was aware that the commission had expressed interest within the financial affairs of his companies but he wasn’t fazed because “I don’t have anything to hide”. He said he didn’t conduct business with the state.

Banks have declined to discuss specific cases but confirmed that they were cooperating with the commission and providing whatever they’re being asked for.


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